Red Devils News · Softball/Baseball Parking for 4-26-21

Good morning all. We have 4 home games tonight. All softball players and softball parents/fans are to park in the main parking lot ( the same one we use for football games ) and enter through the main gate on the east side entrance of the FB field. This distance is actually closer to the softball fields than the other entrance, so the back parking lot will be used for baseball until full. Masking is required, and bag chairs are encouraged. Fans may not sit in any areas marked off with flags, or in the backstop areas. We will not have concessions available.

Parking for baseball tonight will be allowed in the back baseball lot until the lot is full. Once the lot is full, all parents and fans will be required to enter through the front track gate being used for softball tonight. It is imperative that anyone parking in the baseball lot ONLY parks in parking spots that are marked for parking. Parking in the grass, or unmarked areas is not allowed. We had some very dangerous close encounters last week, as well as a bus that could not get out of the lot, so once the lot is full it will be closed. Athletes and coaches for either team are NOT to park in the baseball lot.


Patti McCormack

Athletic Dirctor

Lowell High School