Red Devils News · L-Club Presents “Special Olympics Basketball Tribute”


One of the biggest and best events at Lowell High School every year is the Special Olympics basketball game. The Letterman’s Club is proud to organize this event that many community members look forward to each year. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, it breaks our hearts to not be able to host this event that many people value. Although the game will not be played, we still wanted to share this year’s theme and message. This year we wanted to take it a step further and find something that would not only apply to people with disabilities, but something that would speak to the whole community. We found inspiration from the movie The Greatest Showman and one of its songs “This Is Me”. We wanted to convey a similar message as the movie, which is why the theme for the 2020 Special Olympics event is ‘The Greatest Game’. In the movie the characters are rejected due to qualities that society deems unusual. The song “This Is Me” represents a turning point in the movie where the characters learn to accept their differences and embrace who they are. A line from the song that stood out to us was “I’m not scared to be seen, I make no apologies, this is me.” We believe that this line can be applied to anyone who has ever felt left out, or unaccepted for who they are. The Red Devil Network Team worked very hard with us in order to create a special video to help convey our message. Although we will not be hosting our annual event, we still hope to capture the true essence of the night, which is not the game itself, but the joy and the feeling of inclusion for all. 

-Lowell High School Letterman’s Club